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 RESET© The 90 minute hybrid working virtual module


RESET©  How to support your teams in ‘hybrid working’

A 90 – minute virtual module giving managers the skills and confidence to hold complete, constructive and engaging conversations to transition their team into a ‘hybrid working’ model.


Module Aims

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • Create the right environment for all individuals whose workplace is evolving
  • Hold successful 'new ways of working' conversations for all team members
  • Support employees with empathy, following the impact of change
  • Build an effective and socially inclusive new team approach
  • Promote a culture of effective energy management for healthy performance
  • Structure the emotional, psychological and practical support you offer your team in your role as Manager 


You will:

  • Experience the RESET© model
  • Explore the tools provided to help you have supportive RESET© conversations with your teams
  • Develop a RESET© 30 Day Action Plan to define your next steps


NEW for 2023 - The Remote Leader - Online Learning

Being a leader and working remotely in 2020 is not simply about adapting to  'hybrid working', it's about leading yourself, leading your team and motivating yourself and others to thrive and achieve their goals wherever they are located.

Whether you have been hybrid working for ages or it's a new thing for you, we can all benefit from sharing in the wisdom of others and gaining some hints, tips and practical steps to help us really thrive.

Sea-Jay, in collaboration with Talent By Design and Juvo Learning Solutions are delighted to launch 'The Remote Leader'.  A unique online learning solution that consists of three refreshingly interactive, practical and hands on learning modules.  The suite of modules comprises of:

  1. Boosting your productivity
  2. Leading your team
  3. Motivating your team

Here is a FREE sample section from the first module, let us know what you think.


Leadership development solutions that empower leaders to empower their teams

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Good-to-go ready-made workshops


We have a wide range of workshops that are 'good-to-go'.   All workshops are available in face-to-face or VILT (virtual instructor led training) delivery methods.  You can choose a 90 minute espresso, a half day or a full day version of all our workshops. Topics include:-

  • RESET©
  • Foundations of leadership (new and emerging leaders)
  • Elevating your leadership (experienced leaders)
  • Leading remote teams
  • Engaging meetings
  • Handling conflict positively
  • Presentation skills
  • Building resilience
  • Coaching and feedback for leaders
  • Growing empowered teams
  • Managing performance effectively
  • Positive nudge theory
  • Thriving through change

For more topics please email or call us.


tailor made

Have-it-your-way workshops

We can create bespoke workshops and programmes just for you. We have over 25 years experience of working with businesses to help them achieve their unique goals through their teams.

Our bespoke approach has collaboration at its core.  We will work with you to help visualise your goal from the clear identification of the need all the way through to the successful end result.

You can choose to either deliver your bespoke workshop with your own trainers and we can help you with a tried and tested Train the Trainer workshop.  Or we can deliver it for you with one of our experienced and professional coaches who will be perfectly matched to your needs and your business.

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1-2-1- Coaching and development

For a unique and individual development option, our experienced and professional coaches can create a tailor-made coaching plan with clear goals, regular follow-ups and on-going support to enable individuals to achieve those more challenging goals.

Our Skills & Expertise

Established in 2004 Sea-Jay Development firmly believes that learning is the key to growth.  To this end, we encourage the participants that attend our events to challenge themselves to step outside of their comfort zones and choose to grow by making changes to the way they think or act.  We support our participants to work from the inside out, understand their own 'why?' and in doing so, gain more from their professional lives and leadership style.

We take great pride in the fact that our learning and development solutions are customer focused, fun and engaging, 'the perfect storm' when it comes to doing something different tomorrow.

Our founder and Head Coach, Corrina, has benefitted from a breadth and depth of experience gained from working across a wide variety of industries and sectors both globally and domestically.  As a result, our material is always designed to get the best out of people and relationships whoever they are and wherever they are.



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Corrina Thewlis-Smith

Corrina is the Founder, Managing Director and Head Leadership and Development Coach of Sea-Jay Development.  She has a BSc in Psychology which has informed much of Sea-Jay's beliefs about the best ways to engage individuals in their own growth and development professionally and personally.  Corrina has over 30 years of experience in Learning and Development including 20 years in a variety of Leadership roles, valuable experiences that have forged her belief in people being every business's greatest asset and differentiator.

Learning and development solutions designed with you in mind